Wedding Photography Information


We’re not the most romantic couple in the world but we’re totally in love with each other. Love is…

#Laughing hysterically at a private joke just between you two

#Giggling with joy as you get under a warm duvet on a cold night

#Warming each other’s fleecy pyjamas on the radiator, ready for take away in front of the telly

#Your style, your love

Every couple is different.  Every wedding is different.  And we love that about each and everyone of you.   We want to know what you are like and what you think ‘Love is…’
We’ll do this by keeping in touch with you via emails, texts and following your pinterest boards.  We also love listening to your plans during your engagement shoot.  So, come the morning of your wedding, we know exactly what you want and we’ll do it for you.

So, what happens now?

If you wanted to book us for your wedding photography, simply click here, or email [email protected] or ring 07850 137378


 #Pre-wedding consultation

If you would like to have a nosey at our albums in the comfort of your own home, we’ll be happy to come to yours for a brew and a biscuit.  We have a good chat about what you want, the type of wedding you’ll have and how we can capture the images you want.
There is also no obligation to book.  We don’t stand with our foot in the door waiting for you to sign! Once you have booked (after doing a little dance and giving each other a high five) we make a date for your #engagement shoot.

#Engagement Shoots

This is the time we really get to know you.  We’ll meet first for a coffee, beer or whatever takes your fancy, at a location of your choice.  We want to know what you are like as a couple.  Are you #romantic, #silly, #loving, #sarcastic?  We’ll shoot accordingly.   Then we’ll go for a little wander, advise on different poses and snap away.  There’s a lot more posing going on during the engagement shoot, more so than on your wedding day and we make sure that it’s fun.


Engagement shoot at Salford QuaysAfter the engagement shoot, we’ll get the images to you so you can use them as you like.
Some couples use them for ‘Save the Date’ cards, ‘wedding invitations’ or some print a selection in an album and use this as their guest book at their wedding.

#The Big Day

On the morning of your big day we’re with you nice and early.  We’ll make sure we capture every little detail.  The #hugs, the #smiles, the #love.  With 2 photographers we capture everything that goes on and we can be in 2 different places at the same time. The only time we sit down is when you do!  We’ll have a little break during your wedding breakfast, no-one ever looks good with a mouthful of food!  Then when your wedding speeches start, we’re right back to work.

Wedding speeches at Astley Bank Hotel

We always make sure there is enough time to capture the groups of guests that you want.
We also recommend spending about 30 minutes, just the two of you, so we can capture some gorgeous images.  Couples often comment on what a special time this is as it’s the first time they’ve spent alone as husband and wife.

Bride and Groom portrait in Manchester
All that’s left to do now is #Party.

#Stay Late

If you want us to stay late, just get in contact as we do offer a ‘Stay Late’ service were we capture pictures like these!  This is a very popular addition to our package as your guests, by this time, really couldn’t care if we’re there.  They just ‘go for it’ and we get the pictures to remind you what a fantastic party your wedding was!

Wedding party dancing with guitars


#How to book

If you would like to book your wedding with us, click here, or email Lizz on [email protected] to see if your date is available.

Prices start from £1,495